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HUGS Information

HUGS is a group of Christchurch quilters that makes quilts for children and gives them to groups working with children.



The HUGS quilting group was started in 2003 by Olga Whitaker who saw the need to provide underprivileged children with something of their own. When a child is feeling lonely or sad they can wrap the quilt around themselves and give themselves a hug. The quilts are made from cotton on the top, with polyester batting and have a flannel backing that provides that “snuggle” feeling when the quilt is wrapped around them.  This makes them easy care and warm.

Hugs All Round is an independent group that meets each Wednesday afternoon at Avebury House in Evelyn Cousins Ave, Richmond from 1pm to 3pm.

Members just need sewing skills, and although some are members of CPQG and Christchurch Quilters, others are individuals who like to be able to help others and have joined to do this. Some fully complete quilts, and others piece, or quilt by machine or hand.  All are needed and welcome to join this group.

All quilts contain cotton tops, batting and flannelette backing. The batting and flannelette are available to those sewing for Hugs.  There are supplies of cotton fabric, large pieces and small, but some members use fabric from their own stash. Many of our quilts are real "scrap" quilts, made from many small pieces of fabric.  The colour of the backing does not necessarily match the front and most backs are pieced of multiple pieces to be as economical as possible. Donations of fabric and funding are always sought. 

Avebury House is very supportive of the group and applies for funding on our behalf.  About 2000 quilts have been given away so far.

Recommended sizes are approximate and the sewer is to be guided by the quilt design and fabric. The idea is that the quilt will wrap around the child and they can snuggle into it!

Babies to 2 years:              32” by 40”                                            2 to 4 years:                36” by 48”

5 to 6 years:                       40” by 50”                                            7 to 9 years:                45” by 55"

10 to 12 years:                    50” by 60”                                            12 years up:                 54” by 60



Debbie La Salle, 386 2951,

Pam Gurden, 981 5444,

OR: come to Avebury House on a Wednesday afternoon and join in!

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